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    Unmatched craftsmanship  combined with record setting performance
                                                  Complete design flexibility
                     Intake manifolds 100% custom made for your exact application

What we do

At Marcella Manifolds we design and fabricate custom intake manifolds for any and all performance applications
From heads up racing to street cars we can meet your performance needs
In house multi axis cnc capabilities 
All manifolds are designed in house using state of the art CAD-CAM software.

From  complete billet to a billet/fabricated hybrid
                  Cast Manifold Porting
From entry level porting to complete manipulative reconstruction of design
                    Billet  LS7
                   Designed for low clearance hoods
This LS7 manifold features a 102mm throttle body opening and is design targeted for7500 RPM applications

                                       This manifold is intended to be in stock and ready to ship
                                                                                            $ 4500


            4 into 1 water manifold

This water manifold is machined for 4 number 10 ORB AN fittings on one side amd 1 number 20 ORB AN fitting on the other

Features 2 raised pads on the sides for customizing needs such as -temp sensors - radiator cap bung-mounting- etc
In stock ready to ship - $ 180
                     Bilet Valve Covers

Many popular make valve covers will be offered soon

Weld Repair

If its made of Aluminum- WE CAN FIX IT !